Getting Ready to Leave for Greece

Actually we are going to be stopping over in London for a couple of days and we are going to see the museum that Cynthia wants to visit while we are there. Obviously there are many of them and I do not really know much about them, but she is an expert on the subject. At any rate it is obviously a long way from here to Greece and a direct flight to Athens is not all that available. We are going to stay at a rented villa by, although if you go to their web page you would see that we are not really staying at one of the more expensive places that they have for sale or for rent. They have a lot of places that are listed in excess of a million euros if you wanted to buy them, but obviously we could not afford something like that. We could only afford this one because we are sharing it with two other couples and dividing the cost three ways.

We are going to stay in London until the middle of the week and then we are flying to Athens, where we shall probably see the Acropolis, since there are not going to be very many opportunities for us to do that. At any rate Mykonos is an island and you reach it by high speed ferry. Apparently we could have gotten plane tickets for not a lot more, but only if we had bought them well in advance. There are a number of options with the cheapest ferry tickets costing about 20 to 40 euros, although this ferry takes a couple of stops on other islands and it requires around five hours. So we decided to pay for the faster one which gets there a lot quicker.