It is all about the sea..

Jan 10, 2018 Leisure

It is all about the sea..

Great poets and writers from all around the world made the sea, the leading part in their poems or part of the scene where the story they described unfolded. Great painters depicted it in its tranquil and troubled moments and musicians wrote songs for it. It is all about the sea.

Many say they could not live in a place that is not next to the sea Especially those who grew up in a seaside place when they were children, find it very difficult to separate it. But what makes the sea so magical? Apart from any romance and inspiration that awakens in us, the things it offer us does not seem to stop here.

Some of the latest researches state that those who live closer to the sea are likely to have better physical health than those living in the countryside. It is, of course, difficult to come to a fatal conclusion, but in general it seems that being close to the sea affects positively our body and our health. In addition to the many benefits we have for our physical health, it seems to have so many benefits at a psychological level.

It is no coincidence that living next to the sea in itself seems to affect the levels of stress. The sound of the sea seems to be able to change the rate of brain waves leading us to a deep meditative level. Through it, our mind and body are revitalized.

Even the fresh air of the sea is also good for us, because it is charged with a plurality of negative ions. Negative ions, besides fighting free radicals and helping to oxygenate our brain, balance our serotonin levels.

Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that has a direct connection with our mood. Low levels of serotonin are involved in depression and anxiety symptoms. Marine air seems to help us – and not accidentally – feel more joy and happiness.

Even the blue color of the sea has the ability to calm us and to connect us with our inner voice, bringing us that way back to our stability. In addition, as a color, blue has the advantage of causing feelings of calmness, relaxation and internal security. As a result, the blue color of the sea reduces stress levels. It also helps us to unfold our creativity and our ability to express our needs and what we want. It inspires and reassures us. Interestingly, the more open blue the color is, the more the feeling of freedom can wake up inside us.

In an island like Bali for example, which is one of the top destinations in the world, you sure have the opportunity to visit the beach every day and walk barefoot on the sand and gravel, leaving all your worries behind. You can also gaze the deep blue while swimming in an infinity pool Bali has to offer in a variety and let all your problems dive into the ocean. The sea is like a path to your inner thoughts and needs. Let yourself get lost in the harmony of the sounds of the waves and the smell of the sea breeze. The sea is there always to help us find solutions to everything we care about.

So every single time you face a difficulty, do not lose your hope. There is always a place painted by God in deep blue that is sure going to help you find a solution. Do not be afraid to get lost into your thoughts accompanied by the sounds of the waves and the cold air that slaps your face next to the sea. One thing is granted. In the end you will find whatever you were looking for.