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Buy a used car for young people – Tips and Tricks

Everyone remembers the first car. It’s not just a way to get to school or work – getting your car is part of growing up, a taste for freedom and independence. But with so many different cars, finding the best car for young people can be confusing. First of all, there is the confusion of Leasing or Buying a car. Which is more recommendable?

Not every new driver has the opportunity to drive a new car. More often than not you have to settle for a used car and not always in good condition.

What do you need to know?

For the car market, both new and used cars, the so-called Millennials are a very important group of users, as they are largely interested in owning a car and are inclined to buy one soon, often their first car.

The interest of manufacturers and second-hand operators in this user base is obvious and a statistical survey was conducted to find out who Millennials are willing to get behind the wheel of a car they own, what their preferences and needs are, geographically predominant. location and what is their dream car. Let’s find out together what the children of the new millennium want to lead!

With a newly approved driving license, many young people aspire to get their first vehicle. But first, you need to consider a few things, for example, aim certify.

Adjust to your available budget

The price range of the car will determine if you can access a new one or, as in most cases, use a second-hand car.

For the price and a little experience of the driver, it will be better to focus on the smallest segment, urban or utility, more accessible and easier to drive.

Although they are at a lower price, in the range of 3,000 to 7,000 euros you can buy vehicles that meet the required conditions, are in good condition and that add the guarantee offered by the units dedicated to used cars.

Engine type

The next step will be to decide on the type of mechanics and the power required. It is best to opt for a petrol engine if you do not plan to travel many kilometers on the road: the price will be more regulated, and the long-term mechanical maintenance will also be lower than that of a diesel.

You should pay attention to this as a beginner car buyer:

  • Not too old, from the year of construction 2015
  • Reduced mileage, less than 50 thousand kilometers
  • High level of safety (ESP, ABS, etc.)
  • Many airbags: front, side, and head airbags
  • Reliable technology
  • Economical petrol engine
  • Checkbook maintained
  • HU valid for at least 12 months
  • Low purchase price
  • Cheap in insurance (cheap class)

Top cars suitable for novice drivers

The first car must be easy to drive, not too big to be easily maneuvered in traffic or parking maneuvers, and not very expensive to maintain because there is a good chance that it will be easily scratched or hit in the first year. Here are the most suitable cars for young people:

  1. Ford Fiesta
  2. Volkswagen Polo
  3. Mini Hatch
  4. Volkswagen Golf 5
  5. Ford Focus
  6. Mazda 2
  7. Toyota Yaris

For ease in choosing a car from the top of cars suitable for novice drivers, it is recommended in the first phase to call a car rental company and drive those models beforehand, but mandatory with an experienced driver in the car, to minimize the risks of production. an accident and receive additional explanations from someone other than the driving instructor.

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