Important Things to Prepare Before Doing Solo Traveling

Solo traveling is an activity to go on a trip outside the city or abroad that is done alone. Some people think that traveling alone is not fun. Sometimes you really need to be alone and learn to be able to go alone so that you can know yourself better and also train mentally to be more independent and learn not to be too dependent on others. Although there are still many people who take one eye on solo traveling activities, that doesn’t mean it makes you feel discouraged and then chooses to stay at home or wait until a partner wants to accompany you. The following are some things that must be prepared when traveling solo:


1. Decide which city or country to visit

The first thing that must be prepared is of course choosing a destination for solo traveling. Decide whether to go abroad or within the country. Then narrow it even smaller to what city to visit. If you choose a domestic destination, choose the destination you want to visit. After knowing the purpose of traveling, you can continue to determine other things.

2. Choose the transportation to use

There are so many modes of transportation that exist today. For long trips, you can choose ships or planes. However, if the distance is close and still an island, train and bus are the best choices. Or if you are lucky to have a private vehicle such as a car, you can also use it. But keep in mind to take extra care when driving alone.

3. Choose a comfortable accommodation

There are many choices of places to stay, ranging from guest houses to star hotels. With current technological advances, you can find out reviews about lodging from social media and the internet. Choose lodging that is friendly in your pocket, guaranteed security, and close to tourist attractions to be visited.

4. Decide where you want to visit

Everyone’s purpose of going on vacation is different. There are those who want to visit tourist attractions in the city and there are also those who want to just relax their minds from the daily bustle of the world. For those who want to visit various destinations, from the many existing tourist destinations, choose some very iconic places from the city. The tourist destinations to be visited must have been determined before leaving so that when they arrive the destination city is no longer confused about where to go.

5. Make a schedule

To be more planned, make a solo travel itinerary. The goal is that when you arrive at your destination you are not confused about where to go. Make a schedule starting from the first day you leave the house and then arrive at your destination. Then set each day where to go. Set it from the moment you wake up, which tourist attractions you will visit, and where you will eat. Also include time in planning the schedule.

6. Pay attention to physical and mental conditions

Traveling alone means you can only rely on yourself. Make sure that you are in good physical condition. Also bring medicine if needed later just in case. It is also necessary to prepare mentally for solo traveling, especially if this is your first trip, so prepare yourself mentally as well as possible, and you also need to set your mindset so that you always think positively, because positive thoughts will definitely produce positive things too.

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