Successful Vacation with Children with Special Needs

Vacations with children are fun for all family members. The whole family from parents to children will see and try many new things during the holidays. However, novelty can be a confusing subject for children with special needs. Vacations that should be fun can turn into unexpected moments filled with tantrums.

Then how can you control a vacation with a child with special needs? The following is a guide to inviting children with special needs to play outside, this method you can follow to make sure your vacation with your little one goes smoothly.

Vacation with Children

Sorting Convenient Destinations

Choose a safe place for children. You can take him to the playground, safari yard, or waterpark. Not only that, you can choose vacation spots that are located in the same neighborhood as the inn. That way, if he feels the need to take a break, it’s easy for you to fulfill it.

Get Involved When Planning a Vacation

You can include it when planning a vacation. Tell him where the family is going and with whomever. Also give a reflection of what he can do there and if necessary show pictures so that he has a reflection. Children with special needs tend to have difficulty adjusting to new places, so this briefing is very much needed. Also tell him what transportation you want to use and how long the expedition will take.

Keep It Simple

You may be planning a vacation to move from one area to another. For example, from Denpasar to Ubud then to Kuta. This is going to be tiring according to him. Moreover, he had to adjust again and again. Should consider staying in one place instead of having to move around. So from that it means for you to determine the tourist attractions that are near where you are staying.

One Goal in a Day

You may still have a lot of energy to explore many places from morning to night. However, it should be considered whether the little one can explore all of this. Don’t just go to one destination a day. Complete all activities before the evening. The essence of vacation is to relax. Until you relax a little.

Fill the Suitcase with the Little One’s Needs

If you know that your child cannot wear other sheets, then bring their own. Likewise with cutlery and others. He will potentially refuse if he is not used to what he often wears every day at home.

If he has to read a story before going to bed, don’t skip it to bring his favorite novel. Your suitcase may be full. However, the little one wants to be safer.

Briefing at breakfast

Give the little one knowledge of what activities the family wants to do in one day. Give him a reflection of what lies in your goal position so he doesn’t go ‘blind’. Go for this at breakfast.

Reward System

To make your little one happier, you can offer him a reward system when telling him about vacation plans. For example, by saying, “Whenever we finish doing all the fun activities today, you can eat your favorite cake in the evening when you want to take a break.”

Repeating Some of His Favorite Activities

Some children with special needs are very safe about repetition. So from that, use these tips to fill your vacation. For example, taking him to play on the swing in the same place the next day. Or buy the ice cream he likes at the same place as yesterday. This will make it easier to get through a holiday full of novelty and spontaneity.

Flexible: Plan B, C, D, and so on

So being flexible is the key to a successful vacation with children with special needs. You may have been very excited about designing all the interesting destinations, beautiful culinary spots, and so on. However, all that can change if the little one seems insecure. Quickly shift to another plan.

Leave Your Anxiety

You may be afraid that your little one will have a tantrum in front of a lot of people, or suddenly he refuses to go on a trip. You should get rid of all your worries. Remember, holidays are for relaxing. Don’t be burdened with your feelings of irritation because not all your plans are fulfilled.