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Travel advisor tips to have a great holiday in Shimla

Lying 7238ft. above sea level Shimla is a sight to sore eyes with the Himalayan mountains covered in snow and the far stretches of lush green pastures. All the major hill stations of India at the time before independence were the favorite vacation spot for the British official and thus you get to see a lot of Victorian age architecture around the town.

There is of course the all famous “mall road” (a lengthy pedestrian shopping area) where you will find all kinds of local food and clothing. It is the land of several famous temples of Hindu Gods that are pilgrimage to devotees like the Jakhu temple and the Tara Devi temple that are a place of beauty and peace for any traveler. The best time to travel to Shimla is between October to November or from March to May, the weather around this time is perfect as you get to experience best of both summer and winter around these times. It’s advisable to not visit Shimla in the time of monsoon as it’s unpopular for heavy landslides in the season and can be risky for traveling. Shimla also has some amazing delicacies if you wish to treat your taste buds, you can hog on some ‘babru’ a local twist to the famous North Indian ‘kachoris’ or you could savor on some Tibetan dishes that are a part of local culture as Shimla has been a major Tibetan colony. You do have to be careful with the lack of public transport and not shy away from a little walking around the place to experience it better.

It is a paradise for the adrenaline junkies too as Shimla provides you with an array of adventure sports like skiing, zip lining and bungee jumping. You can also visit the scenic Alpine covered Jakhoo hills that is the highest point of the city. If you wish to experience the rich heritage of the Himachal then you need to head straight into the Himachal state museum in Shimla, build in an old Victorian mansion carefully altered to fit the needs of the museum it is the perfect place to study and experience the history and culture of the place from the past.

Shimla as a city gives its tourists the best of Himalayas with something to do for every kind of traveler. It’s great heritage and natural scope of beauty is enough of a reason to answer the mountain’s calling. If you are coming from Delhi, you can take direct flights to Shimla from here, even can come by road.

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