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Where to see moai in Papua New Guinea?

Ever wanted to plan the perfect summer trip with a best friend, but had no idea where to start? Well, one of the best places to look at is the United States of America (USA) with trips in around its 50 states. Additionally, if you and your friends are big fans of the glamorous and busy lifestyle a  New York trip is an absolute must. Furthermore, if you and your friends are more the cultural type, recommendations for a summer vacation would be to the islands north of the Australian borders and south of Asia. The rich historal and religious history will blow your mind while enjoying the wonderful oceans and untouched terrain.

Affordable airfare to the USA and other countries

With flights ranging from hundreds to thousands of rands a seat, using the reviews section of online flying services like look cheap air reviews, is what you really need to be doing to ensure you get safely to your destination and back home. No one needs stress on the first leg of their vacation and to ensure this doesnt occur, get booked for your full trip with an online travel agent. Additionally, travel agents can assist you in booking the best spots in and around your vacation destination.

International cultural travel

From the beautiful museums and grand parks in the cities across the Northern hemisphere some the more culturally enriched landscapes and architecture of the south. Additionally, travelers just have more to do in countries from foreign lands than cities always seen in big screen movies. Like the beautiful sites of Papua New Guinea, an island filled with a small population of indigenous people, built on the grounds of their ancestors and raised through the economic ranks of the world because of their natural resources. A trip fp this cultural magnitude is surely more enthralling, dont you think?

Why Papua New Guinnea’s cultural diversity is a tourist attraction

The country island has the biggest ancestral honory display called the Moai, a few large sculptures of the faces of the people who built the now standing villages of the New Guinnea people. However, due to  the high levels of corruption commonly found in a third world country, travelling to New Guinnea is not advised. Eventhough New Guinnea is a no-go area, you can definitely still visit the Moai historic site as it was moved to a museum hosten by the New Zealand country. Therefore eventhough you are not comfortable going into New Guinnea you can always vacation to New Zealand and still experience culture and religion like the people of Papua New Guinnea.

Accommodation and food in a foreign country

Finding accommodation in New Zealand is fairly easy and quite affordable due to there being more options other than hotel rooms in five star hotels. Travellers can saty at a backpackers, motels and even book rooms in hostels to save more money so they can spend it on tours and restaurants. Moreover, these restaurants do serve New Guinnea dishes like its countries signature dish called Mamu, a meal consisting of indigenous herbs and vegetables as well as pork.

Overall travel across the South Pacific ocean is a good vacation spot for any group of best friends looking to learn and unwind at the same time.

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