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Which museums you must see in Madrid?

Madrid is a cosmopolitan city for art. In the so-called “Triángulo del Arte”, the art triangle, the most famous paintings in Europe are concentrated in a small space – right in the center, just a few minutes walk from each other!

Many European capitals are known for their impressive museums and galleries. And Madrid is, of course, one of them. If you want to know more about the best museums and galleries in Madrid, keep reading our article, based on reviews from tourists on

1.  Prado Museum

The Museo del Prado is without a doubt one of Madrid’s main attractions, according to Musement. Even the neoclassical building on the beautiful Paseo del Prado is impressive. Here, the art of almost five centuries in the Spanish royal palaces is exhibited in one of the largest and most valuable art collections in the world!

Along with the Louvre in Paris, the Prado is one of the most popular art collections for ancient masters and is visited by over 2 million visitors each year. It is advisable to give yourself plenty of time for the tour and also use the free days to visit.

2.  The Queen Sofia Museum

The striking building with its glass exterior elevators is not far from the Prado and houses modern painters and what is probably Picasso’s most famous work, Guernica. This huge painting, which occupies an entire room, is a major attraction in the Spanish capital and attracts many visitors.

The building was a hospital, which probably gives the museum its mystical and special atmosphere. The name of the museum, Reina Sofía, is no coincidence. The Spanish National Museum was inaugurated on September 10, 1992, by the Spanish queen Sofía (Reina Sofía), after which it was named, and by the old King Juan Carlos I and was offered to the city of Madrid and its visitors.

3. Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

The Thyssen Museum is the third largest museum in Madrid. Contains the impressive private collection of the Thyssen family, which is considered the most important art collection in the world!

The famous images are on permanent display in the elegant Palacio de Villahermosa on Paseo del Prado. Quietly and quietly and with plenty of space, you can wander through the various rooms and well-stocked art depending on the style of painting, going through the centuries from the thirteenth century to the twentieth.

4. CaixaForum

With CaixaForum there is a fourth important cultural address and one of the most famous exhibition halls in Madrid. The “floating” buildings and the “vertical” garden are worth a visit. The gardens are planted vertically on the wall of the house and consist of about 15,000 plants and 250 species of plants.

Caixa Forum is one of our top museums on the Paseo del Prado art street. If you leave Atocha train station in the direction of the Reina Sofia and Prado and Thyssen Museum, you can take this gallery with you.

5.  National Archaeological Museum

This is one of the oldest museums in Madrid (1867). After a six-year renovation, the museum reopened in 2014 to become “the best archaeological museum in Europe”.

The Museo Archeologico is not far from the Arts Triangle and is close to the chic Serrano shopping street (number 13) and the elegant Salamanca district.

Here is shown the emergence and development of human cultures and civilizations, which begins in prehistoric times and ends in the fifteenth century. You can comfortably visit the different rooms of different eras and cultures and you can also receive information in English. There are also video screens and audio guides are available.

6.   Romantic Museum – Museum of Romanticism

Do you like to be romantic? In terms of art, of course. Gustavo Adolfo Becquer, Goethe, Lord Byron, and Rosalia de Castro belong to this period of romance. Anyone with a weakness for this era will be especially happy about the Museo del Romanticismo.

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