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Why Asturias is a Good Vacation Spot for British People

Asturias is not one of the most popular places in Spain, that is why many people know nothing or little about the place. But most Britons seem to know the place quite well.

There are so many things that make this place worth going to as a Briton. This is one of those places that have not been destroyed in the name of development, and so here are some of the reasons why you should visit Asturias as a Briton:

1.  See Elegant Beaches

We all can agree that in Britain, the beaches over there are not as beautiful as that of Spain and in a place like Asturias that has not been touched by mass tourism, one can have an experience of a lifetime on these beaches. 

If you want to visit a dramatic beach, then here is a place to be as there are rugged cliffs in between dunes of sand. You can make use of lastminute to book a flight if you want to go to Asturias.

2.  The seafood

Asturias is one of the places in Spain that produces one of the tastiest seafood. Most of the seafood here is not prepared with artificial flavors or ingredients.

All along the beaches in Asturias, you will see different seafood bars that you can use. Many different types of shellfish dishes are served, such as the bacalao, merluza, and almejas.

3.  Their Famous Cider

The Spanish cider is quite different from the one that can be found in Britain, France, or Sweden; instead of being sweet like the rest, it is sour, and it has a flat look instead of a sparkling look which makes it unique.

But what many people don’t know is that it is the capital of Spanish cider, which is sometimes spelled as sidre.

4.  It’s a Cheese Central

Asturias has a nickname, and is El Pais de Queso, which roughly translates to the land of cheese. It is the cheese central of Spain with over one hundred different types of cheese, including the casin and Cabrales (locally made cheese).

Due to the local nature of Asturias compared to other parts of Spain, most of the cheese is made on dairy farms from goat and cow milk. There is also a place called the cave of cheese, where aged cheese is kept.

5.  Favorite Spot to Hike

It joked that Asturias is one of the places to hike without feeling muscle ache, and this is true to an extent. Due to the beautiful scenery, many visitors often like to explore the place themselves and won’t even notice any pain or tiredness immediately as they hike because of how intriguing the place is. Asturias is one of the places in Spain that is not known much but is a beautiful place for a vacation, especially for Britons. With the reason that has been given above, I hope you now know the hidden things most people don’t know about this place.

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